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Jan. 1st, 2020

Fanworks Master List

OH HAI here have a handy list of all the stuff I've written and vidded for "Alles Was Zählt" so you can stalk me all proper-like. <33333

The other master list

I made a master list of ALL of my videos over at LiveJournal, which includes all the Doctor Who, Torchwood, and miscellaneous other fandom vids I've made over the years. They're all nicely arranged by fandom so you can skip the Buffy if that isn't your thing, but check out that one Farscape or that one Harry Potter. Just ignore that category at the bottom if you please. *embarrassed grin*


Mar. 31st, 2016

The Challenge, month 1

It's hard to believe it's been a month!

Feb. 26th, 2016

Opinion poll

I've gotten into a Facebook argument, and just want to get some opinions to see if I'm totally off the mark or what. Pls to be telling me what you think?


Dec. 19th, 2015


Nov. 30th, 2015

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 31: Why do you blog?)

Bonus entry, apparently! (Posting today because tomorrow is the 1st and my brain refuses to let me wait.)

I started over on LJ in maybe 2001 as a way to journal socially with my friends in DC. I fell out of the habit after I left DC, then wandered back every so often. I tried out "proper" blogging a few times, but just like my diaries as a kid, I'd go for a bit and then peter out. It was the Eskimos and GOOL that brought me over to IJ, and I actually have used it more consistently as it seems, since I sometimes post private journal entries just as a way to work through stuff. But like everything else, it always just peters out. I don't do well with commitment/discipline.

And I'm done! I should probably start looking for more memes so I can keep up the frequent posting haha.

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 30: What's in your makeup bag?)

LOL. Makeup bag.

I randomly started wearing makeup daily for like 2 months. This entailed black eyeliner, black mascara, black eye-shadow, and a dark pink lipstick. I gave up on it after a while tho, because meh.

Nov. 29th, 2015

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 29: Where have you traveled?)

In the US I've been to most of the East Coast states (from Virginia north), all those on a path from Minnesota to DC and well as MN to Florida, plus Oregon. Hoping to add a bunch of new states on a future road trip. :D

Outside the US I've been to England (obvs), Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and through Belgium on a bus. Oh, and also Iceland, but just in the airport.

I've LIVED in Minnesota, Virginia, Maine, and England.

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 28: What are you looking forward to?)


I'll be spending most of February in Europe/London, visiting friends and places I miss. I'll be getting another surprise trip to a mystery destination courtesy of [info]momogermany (and apparently [info]antiteb is in on the Evil Seekrit Plannings as well), so I'm guaranteed an awesome time. I really can't wait for this trip!

I need to see EVERYONE while I'm there, so please let me know if you're around and have time. GIEF ESKIMOS PLS.

Nov. 27th, 2015

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 27: Post your favorite recipe)


Ok, I don't cook. But. I have this one thing I make (which I haven't made in more than a year, maybe more like 2 years).

1 bottle of you favorite tomato sauce (Ragu, tomato/basil, whatever)
1 box of penne pasta
1 bag of mozzarella cheese

Cook the pasta
Mix in the sauce
Mix in about half of the cheese
Dump into baking pan (9"x12" or approximate equivalent)
Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top
Bake at about 350F for about 40-45 mins (or until cheese starts to brown)

That's as complicated as my recipes get. Seriously. I DO NOT COOK.

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 26: An old photo of you)

 photo Me10_zps8jw8ntf2.jpg

This was back in my goth-club (called Catacomb in DC) days. I was probably about 22 in this picture, which would make it 16 years old(ish). I miss those days, a lot sometimes. As I think we all do as we age, I look back on those times and wish I could tell myself how great they were and to enjoy them and stop being so damn emo and concerned about thing that ended up not mattering much in the long run. Ah well.

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 25: Your 5 favorite blogs)

The Bloggess. I mean, obvs.

Hyperbole and a Half. She only posts like every two years now, but there are some entries (like Sneaky Hate Spiral) that I come back to again and again... if I'm having a particularly shitty day, that one always turns it around for me. BTW, did you know she's writing a new book? Because she is. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

Wil Wheaton dot Net. I just love how honest and open he is. After having a massive crush on him as a tween (his part on ST:TNG was a huge part of my burgeoning geekdom as a hormonal youth), I've gained so much respect for him as a writer and the first celebrity to break that wall between him and his fans through blogging and general internet presence. He's a real dude with real problems who doesn't hide behind some false Hollywood facade, who talks about his insecurities and how his fame as a kid was not at all what it seemed. He's just a cool guy who tries really hard and sometimes fails and lets us all see that we're not alone in that.

Jacob Clifton. Ok, I don't really read his blog that often, but he was my absolute favorite TWoP recapper. Not just because he's funny (he is, in his own way), but because he gave a depth and dimension to these shows that I never would have realized on my own. If you have the time to delve, I highly recommend his recaps for Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Bates Motel, and Farscape. They truly transcend the media. (Sadly the TWoP archives have been pretty well gutted since they stopped, so it's hard to know which recaps are his... but he's working on publishing the recaps.)

Faggoty-Ass Horror. Thank you, [info]omarandjohnny, I now have not only reading material but a watch-list. GAYYYYYYYYYY HORRORRRRRRRRRRR. My two favorite things. WHEE!

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 24: Your favorite childhood book)

 photo Mr. Pudgins_zps4sv2o4hm.jpg

This book has a really obvious connection to Mary Poppins in that it's about a nanny (this one a man) who shows up and makes magic to delight his charges. There's a separate chapter for each month, from January to December. It was written in 1951 so it feels almost old enough to seem like another world. But also weirdly nostalgic, if you listened to enough of your parent's/grandparents' stories.

The book was out of print for ages, but a few years ago my mom managed to find it online somewhere so I actually have a copy. It was apparently reprinted just this May, but I'm really sort of glad we found a copy like the long-lost one I read as a kid.

I read something online about how some people would love to see it made into a movie, but I sort of hope they never do. I'm positive no film could ever do it justice. (Unless ~I made it...) ;D

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 23: Your dream job)

I don't know.

My ideal life would involve a lot of travel. But not just visiting places, living there. Being a nomad. Living in a new place every year. So I guess my ideal job would be something that would allow me to do that. Maybe a travel writer? Or documentarian. I wish it was just a matter of saying "I'd like to live in Paris for a year," and just doing it. Maybe you just need to have a certain amount of money for it to work. To just get a visa and be like "no, I'm not going to request a bunch of social services or take advantage of anyone, I just want to live here and spend money for a year and then move on, k/k?" Stupid borders.

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 22: The best thing to happen this year)

September 15-30 was basically one long string of awesome, thanks to [info]momogermany and a certain Sheboygan-based Eskimo. <3333333333333333333333333333333333

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 21: Your 10 favorite foods)

Now we're talking! I <33333333 food.

1. Jack's Naturally Rising Pepperoni Pizza. Not only because it tastes like everything wonderful in the world, it's also A Thing for me and Jen. I rarely eat it without her.

2. Thanksgiving dinner. Which, because I'm weird, involves ridiculous amounts of Catalina. It's a thing. I love it. And luckily still have it to look forward to tomorrow. :D

3. Sushi, particularly California rolls. Although I tried something called a Philadelphia roll on Wednesday, which is basically a California roll with cream cheese. NOMMMMM.

4. BBQ ribs. With ALL the BBQ sauce. Well done with minimal fat/gristle.

5. Boca burgers. Like, with all the veggies. Slathered in a mix of ketchup and mayo. FYI this is making me really hungry.

6. Orange Chicken. Yummmmmmmmm. And cream cheese wontons. And fried rice with sweet & sour sauce. I need to order Chinese delivery NOW.

7. Pizza with pineapple. When I worked at a pizza place I thought pineapple must be the grossest topping after mushrooms. I was so wrong. (Dipped in Ranch dressing.)

8. Korma chicken. God I miss proper curry.

9. Prawn cocktail crisps. I will be buying 8000 bags in February.

10. A really good softshell taco or burrito, drowning in salsa and sour cream.


Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 20: A difficult time in your life)

Ugh. Ok. I'm going to make this quick. Basically everything. Most of my life is difficult, ok? I don't even know how to be any other way besides a constant struggle, mostly with my own head.

Enough of that, on to the next.

Nov. 19th, 2015

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 19: What do you collect?)

Let me just start by saying that my family (particularly my grandmother) were HUUUUUGGGEEEEE on collections for a long time. Like, ridiculously. If there was even the hint that someone was collecting something, every Christmas/Birthday/whatever gift was that thing. My grandma must have had about a hundred angels. So when I was a kid, at some point Grandma decided she was going to start me on collecting by giving me a clown every Christmas/Birthday/etc. I had a dozen or so of them by my 20's, much to the consternation of my coulrophobic then-boyfriend.

Aside from the long-disposed-of clown collection and a brief dalliance with porcelain masks in my teens, my collections have primarily been of movies and Stephen King books. Beyond that, I prefer to collect experiences and memories over tchotchkes. (Ooooh, look how cool and subversive I sound. Bleh.)

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 18: The meaning behind your blog name)

The Houseboat in the Gutter has a long and storied history online.

It started with Sue, my friend who passed away from breast cancer a few years ago. In our mid- to late-90s online life, which consisted of chat rooms and BBS-style communication, we often joked about our minds being in the gutter. Since we spent so much time there, Sue came up with the Houseboat, which would be manned *ahem* at all times by our cabin boys, Sven and Olaf. We spent many an online hour on that boat.

The Houseboat resurfaced in the early 2000s in an email list I was a part of (remember email lists?), an offshoot of a Laurell K. Hamilton fan list wherein we were a wolf pack (based on the books of LKH). We had a whole online geography that included the Houseboat, which not only had the cabin boys but also a cloning room for various celebrities/characters we had a fancy for. Plus any other amenity you could imagine. It was glorious.

The Houseboat is mostly retired now, but I feel like its time could come around again at some point.

(My username is much more boring, I just came up with it when I was working at Blockbuster (I'm so old) and needed a new email address to sign up for their online, Netflix-like DVD service. The 1013 is an X-Files reference, as most of my online names have been. (In the early internet days I usually went by Dana or Samantha.))

Me! Me! Meme! "30 days of posting" (Day 17: What is your most proud moment?)

When a crowd of about 500-600 people cheered me for producing a massive belch onstage at the Renaissance Festival. Closely followed by again getting cheered by around that same amount of people for flipping off an act on the stage while I was interpreting for him. (He pretended to interpret by just doing gibberish gestures to make fun of me. It was awesome.)

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